Voices for Europe: Sotiria Theodoropoulou from Greece, living in Brussels (06.07.2021)

This series of podcast-interviews gives researchers from all over Europe a voice. How is the project of European integration viewed in different countries? What will the European Union look like after Brexit? We exchange views from different countries, talk about background specifics, and try to give an honest assessment of the state of the EU.

The two books by the famous Greek author Alki Zei Sotiria Theodoropoulou mentions at the end are:
„Petros‘ War“, German edition entitled „Mit dreizehn ein Mann“, translatetd by Thomas Nicolaou, Kinderbuchverlag, Berlin, 1977.
„Die Kinder von Lamagari“, translated from the American edition by Irmgard Tschich, Blanvalet, Berlin, 1972.

Moderation: Felix Heidenreich (IZKT)

A project produced in cooperation with the Public Library of Stuttgart and Stiftung Geißstraße Stuttgart.

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